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Breaking News: Toxins Linked to Dog Food Brand

Midwestern Pet Foods, a pet food manufacturer from Indiana in the United States has been issued a warning letter by the FDA.

According to the letter, some of their food has been found to contain high levels of aflatoxin, which is a toxic substance produced by mold.

Brands that are produced and supplied by Midwestern Pet Foods include:

- Earthborn Holistic

- Unrefined

- Venture

- Pro Pac

- Wholesomes

- Sportmix Cannex

- Sportmix

The letter was issued by the FDA after several inspections were conducted. The company has also recently issued recalls for some of their pet food products.

It is suspected that the food may already be linked to over 220 cases of illness, and over 130 deaths.

If you are feeding your pets any of these products, you are strongly urged to stop feeding it immediately and contact Midwestern Pet Foods to confirm which lot numbers and brands are affected.

Signs of Aflatoxin Poisoning

If your dog does eat any of these brands of food, watch for the following symptoms of aflatoxin poisoning:

  1. Lethargy or sluggishness
  2. Lack of appetite
  3. Jaundice, including yellow tinting of the gums, eyes or skin
  4. Vomiting
  5. Bleeding or bruising without an obvious cause
  6. Diarrea or very loose stools

Aflatoxin poisoning is a serious condition that can cause long term liver damage, clotting problems or death. If you suspect your dog might have been poisoned, always contact your veterinarian immediately!

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