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Can My Dog Get Covid?

According to the experts, it has been known for several decades already, that dogs can get coronaviruses. However, this is the canine respiratory coronavirus and not the Covid-19 variety that is causing the current worldwide pandemic.

Following are a few important facts surrounding the coronavirus, which should help to clarify whether or not dogs can get Covid.

Dogs and Covid

Even though dogs can test positive for the virus, it is not known whether it is threatening to them. There have been a few cases where dogs in the US and Hong Kong tested positive while living with humans who had Covid, but none of the animals showed any signs of being ill after contracting the virus.

Can dogs spread the Covid virus?

There is no evidence, according to the World Health Organisation, that dogs or any pet can transmit the Covid-19 virus, even though it appears to have started through an animal. Covid-19 is spread via droplets when a person infected with the virus speaks, sneezes, or coughs, and people should protect themselves by wearing masks, washing their hands frequently, and practice social distancing.

What can dog owners do to protect their dogs from Covid?

Healthy dog owners must follow the same basic hygiene procedures, like washing hands with water and soap, before and after touching any animals. In addition to this, if any member in the household has tested positive for the virus, or think that they might have been exposed to it, then you should:

  1. If possible, let your pet stay with a friend or family member while you are ill.
  2. Have no contact with your dog, and this includes hugging, kissing petting, as well as sharing bedding and food.
  3. If you must look after your dog or be around any other animals while you’re sick, then always wear a mask, and wash your hands thoroughly after interacting with them.
  4. To help decrease the spread of any germs, it would also be a good idea to wipe your dog’s feet and fur with grooming wipes before and after they come in from being outside.

In conclusion

While it is possible for your dog to get Covid, it poses no threat at all for your pet, so under no circumstances should you do what many have done and get rid of your dog because of your fear of Covid-19!

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