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Can My Dog Go In the Hot Tub?

No, it is not a good idea to let your dog go in the hot tub, one of the main reasons being that it will be too hot for your dog!

The water in a hot tub is normally kept at around 102 degrees Farenheit, or nearly 39 degrees Celsius, which is way too hot for dogs. Unlike humans, dogs do not perspire, so while sitting in a hot tub is good for us humans, it is not good for dogs. The heat from your hot tub could make your dog extremely sick, or even die, so it is best to not let your dog go in the hot tub with you.

More Reasons Dogs Can't Go In Hot Tubs

Besides the high temperature being dangerous for your dog, there are other reasons too, including:

It is not good for both your dog and you – even if you took some time to lower the temperature of the water in your hot tub, the chemicals you use will dry out your dog’s skin and cause plenty of discomfort and irritation. Also, if your dog were to go in the hot tub, any tick and flea treatment you used on your dog will wash off in the water, and since you and your guests will be soaking in it, you will all probably end up with irritated skin as well.

It is not good for your hot tub – apart from flea repellent messing with the chemical balance of the water in your hot tub, your dog’s hair will also cause a blockage in the filters. and prevent them from functioning effectively. The shell of your hot tub will also be damaged by your dog’s nails when he/she scrambles to get out.

Give Your Dog Their Own Hot Tub Right Next to Yours!

A great solution to this problem would be to place a small kiddie’s pool next to your hot tub and fill it with cool or lukewarm water. Add a few water toys, and your dog will be more than happy to splash about in its own pool, while you sit and enjoy yours!

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