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Can My Dog Go Outside After Flea Treatment?

Flea treatment for dogs is a safe way to prevent flea infestation on your pet. Most dogs, after flea treatment, don’t show any signs of discomfort and can normally carry on with their usual daily activities directly after being treated.

However, it is a good idea to prevent your dog from playing in water for at least seven days after flea treatment, to allow the treatment to be effective.

If your pet does show signs of discomfort after flea treatment, then it is best to take them to the vet as soon as possible. There's always a chance that they are having an adverse reaction to a chemical in the treatment product.

Outdoor Activities for Your Dog to Enjoy After Flea Treatment

There are many other outdoor activities that don't include water, that you and your dog can enjoy together after applying flea treatment. Just a few of these include:

Hiking – this is a great way to exercise and spend quality time with your dog after flea treatment! Just make sure that the area you decide to go hiking in, is far from rivers, lakes, streams, or ponds! Take food and water for both of you, a first aid kit, and most importantly, let someone know where you will be!

Visit a dog park - dog parks are fantastic places for your dog to burn off plenty of pent-up energy! Again, steer clear of those parks that have sprinklers or wading pools for dogs, because the last thing you want, is for your dog to get wet straight after you have applied flea treatment. It might also be a good idea to visit the dog park at times when there are fewer other dogs around, especially if your furry friend is on the small side or does not like the company of other dogs!

Dine out! - if your dog is well-mannered, then find a dog-friendly restaurant in your area and take your dog out for a meal for being so well-behaved during flea treatment! Many dog-friendly restaurants will allow guests with dogs to enjoy a meal on their outside patios. A nice sunny day, some of your dog’s favourite snacks and a tasty meal for you are the perfect ingredients for a recipe for an awesome day out!

Provided that you keep your dog away from water for a week or so after treatment, he/she can still enjoy going outside, go on play dates with other four-legged friends, or even simply spend time playing with a few new toys around the house.

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