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Why Does My Dog Follow Me Everywhere?

You named your dog Shadow for the simple reason that he/she follows you everywhere! While you and many others think that dogs follow their humans around because of their dog/s love for them, there are actually a few other underlying reasons as to why dogs do this.

Beside the fact that your dog follows you everywhere because of his/her interest in you, it could also be caused by:

Boredom – your dog might not be getting enough mental or physical exercise, which could make him/her follow you all over the place. Your dog could be looking for something to do. If you give your dog a couple of chew toys, and stops following you everywhere, then boredom was the reason.

Loneliness – we humans bred dogs for many generations to make them want to be around us, so dogs that spend days alone, do tend to become lonely. Dogs are social creatures and enjoy being in the presence of their humans as much as possible when they’re around.

Anxiety or lack of confidence – many dogs worry about life in general and get nervous when they are on their own. Being with you all the time while you’re at home, gives them the confidence to cope with certain things.

Fulfilling unmet needs – some dogs become clingy if they don’t feel well or need to go outside to answer the call of nature. Your dog might be following you around because he/she needs to go outside to potty!

Breed trait – some breeds more than others, tend to follow their owners around all the time. For instance, herding breeds like Shelties and Border Collies, and guardian breeds like German Shepherds and Great Pyrenees, are more prone to follow their owners around. These dogs were bred for centuries to tend to flocks of sheep, so with no sheep or other livestock to follow around, they follow their humans instead.

In conclusion

Apart from all the above possible reasons why your dog follows you everywhere, it could simply because he/she sees you as “the provider of good things.” If everything you do with your dog is done in a positive way, then he/she sees you as a great person to be around. This is a huge compliment, so keep it up and enjoy it!

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